MVP Summit day 1

So, been in Seattle a few days now, been chilling in the "summer" weather! 🙂 Went to see Bellevue, University of Washington and Seattle downtown. Most of the time have gone to eating burgers.
Registered for the Summit today, got my goodie-bag and went to a few sessions before going training in the gym and swimming in the pool, and now waiting for a dinner with Avanade later tonight! 🙂
Anyway, can’t say too much on whats going on in the sessions but we sure are having a good time and it’s nice to put a face on all the names you read every day 🙂
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1 Response to MVP Summit day 1

  1. Laura Marie Cruz says:

    Kuuuult! Whatever\’s going on in the sessions you sure make me curious 😛 Take pictures of burgers and all 🙂

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