Back from Seattle

So I made it home after a long and nice week in Washington.
Can’t tell you much about the sessions, except that they were awesome, but it wass really nice to finaly see the Seattle area. My first impressions when sitting in the taxi from the airport was… Hey, I’m back in Norway, except its Autumn/Spring! It was raining and foggy, but quite warm. But once we started to see the skyscrapers over the hilltops, that Norwegian impression dissapared and I was back to "I’M IN THE STATES, Coool!" mood.
Anyway, the rain dissapared pretty fast, and once we had packed out at the hotel and went for lunch it was already getting better.
Lunch was good( Burger and seafood tacos), and I met a few of the other Norwegian MVP’s which was really nice.
The first day was all about fighting the jet-lag. We woke up at 0445 at Einar I. place in Snadefjord before taking the flight earlier the same day, 15 hours ago, and it was still lunch time so we had a pretty bad fight. Had to stay awake in order to nor ruin the rest of the week, so we grabed a few beers, checked out Bellevue and hit the bar in the evening.. The bar was a pretty interesting place. Kind of driking beer when sleeping, eyes hanging down on the table and the waitress asking if we are having a good time.. Well, we did as we probably was halfway in Bellevue and halfway in the dreamworld.
Anyway, went back to sleep and got about 6hours of sleep before waking up at 0600 local time, being more awake than ever.. wierd thing 😛
We had a pretty health breakfast like we always do in the states..
….met the other guys, and went to the University District, where the University of Washington was.

We was really supposed to go directly to Seattle downtown, but as the busses in the Seattle area basically isn’t going in the weekends, we had to take a detour, but we ended up spending almost the entire day there! Einar had looked up an apple store in the district, so we went to see if we could find it. Ended up going shopping, and got ourselves a nice and cheap Sony HD Video camera! 🙂

So, after surviving the University, we found a bus to Seattle Downtown( after a long search/walk ) and got some fast food for lunch/dinner and checking out the market, space needle and science center! ( I’ll add some more pictures later ).
The following week was all about the MVP Summit, sessions and social activities with MVPs across the globe. Most of the sessions took place at the Microsoft Campus at Redmond, and in Hyatt hotel in Bellevue. Funny to finally see the campus at Redmond, the shuttle connect busses and how big everything really was.
All in all, we sure had the weather on our side, and the week went great! 🙂
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