#GameDevLive–Episode 2: Creating a game from scratch!


Welcome to Episode 2 of #GameDevLive! The purpose of this series is the help you get started with game development and Unity 3D, while we develop a full game.

In this episode, we will use trigger zones to add power ups, introduce fuel to our player and some more UI tweaks like a fuel indicator that changes color based on the amount of fuel left, and a restart level button that is visible when it’s game over.

You can follow OmegaDish on Twitch to see these episodes live, while providing input, suggestions and what features will implement – be part of the development! Smile

Right, enough talking, let’s get started!

Download the tools you need here: www.unity3d.com
Download the source here: https://github.com/omegadish/DishGame

Also a special thanks to Bredholy for helping me with editing and the Twitch channel!

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