Gameplay video: ReEntry–An Orbital Simulator


Lately I have been working on a space simulator names ReEntry. The game is focused around Orbital Mechanics, where you fly a rocket from a 3rd person perspective, perform orbital maneuvers to complete missions and so on.

The game will focus on realistic programs like Project Mercury, Project Gemini, Project Apollo and the Space Shuttle.

The game also comes with a Virtual Cockpit mode for Mercury (others to be implemented as well if time permits, currently started on Gemini) where I have modelled the interior of a generic Mercury Capsule that can operate both the Redstone and the Atlas Launch Vehicles (see screenshots below). The switches, gauges and fuses has all been implemented, as well as navigational equipment, electrical components, and so on.


GAME PLAY VIDEO: Entire Redstone-Mercury 3 mission



Mercury-Atlas lift off

The interior of a generic Mercury capsule

Mercury capsule in orbit

Mercury-Redstone at the launchpad

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1 Response to Gameplay video: ReEntry–An Orbital Simulator

  1. Anders Grenhult says:

    Awesome! A virtual cockpit hints at future support for the HTC Vive and the Steam VR APIs?

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