Commodore 64 Assembly Programming on Windows


In 2011, I wrote a tutorial on how to program for the Commodore 64 on Windows. Today, I revisited the entire tutorial series, made changes and published the source on GitHub.

I know the old posts had a lot of dead links due to changes in how OneDrive was hosting the files, but this problem is now gone – you can find everything related to each tutorial hosted on GitHub. Also, due to some formatting issues that happened when you copied the code listings from the posts, I uploaded the individual code listings using the correct formatting, each with a compiled .prg file so you can easily run and see how it should look when stuck.

Thanks for all the feedback on this tutorial, it’s one of my most read series.

You can find the repo here with links to the individual posts:


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5 Responses to Commodore 64 Assembly Programming on Windows

  1. ragooman says:

    thanks for the update
    something I’ve been looking for often is more tutorials like yours for the intermediate level or maybe the advanced level. There’s other websites which have this info but lack the instructional info that you offer here.

  2. RP says:

    I started learning how to program C64 last week and have been visiting your tutorial frequently. Thank you for updating it!!

  3. DexterZ says:

    Hey man this is great! will this( the output) run on Commodore mini that I’m planning to buy one, thanks ^_^Y

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