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DirectX 12 Programming #4: Resources and Resource Binding

Welcome back to the DirectX 12 Programming tutorial series! The previous tutorials was all about getting you up and running with the default DirectX 12 application, understanding the PSO and the Command Lists. We still have some basics to cover … Continue reading

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DirectX 12 Programming #3: Command Lists

Welcome back! In the previous tutorial we learned about the Pipeline State Object and how to use these to efficiently change the state of our graphics pipeline for rendering. Today we will take a look at the next feature of … Continue reading

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DirectX 12 Programming #2: Pipeline State Objects

Welcome back! In the previous tutorial we briefly touched on why our Sample Application is looking like it does. In this and the next 3 tutorials we will take a closer look at the various DirectX 12 specific features, like … Continue reading

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DirectX 12 Programming #1: A quickstart!

Windows 10 has just been released, and with it Microsoft’s latest iteration of DirectX – DirectX 12. I will go more in-depth on the DirectX 12 SDK later in this series, however for now, I would like to show you … Continue reading

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GDC Europe 2015

At this years Game Developers Conference in Europe I had a presentation called “Using Cortana and Speech Synthesis to voice-activate your game worlds!”. The talk was about adding voice activated trigger zones around NPCs (or areas) with pre-programmed questions the … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

I had some changes in my career and ended up moving to Seattle to work with graphics and games in Microsoft, Redmond. It took a while to get settled, but expect to see some more blog posts and tutorials here … Continue reading

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Microsoft Azure WebJobs in Truck Trials

In my latest game Truck Trials (read the Making of Guide) I’m running a special championship every weekend, named Weekend Champion Cup. To get this cup started I need to do some simple things in the database:1 – Friday at … Continue reading

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Video Tutorial: Creating a Flappy Bird type game using Unity 4.6

Today I had a webinar named “Developing Games for Windows”, it’s one of my first recordings but I hope to create many more with better quality going forward. Anyways, I decided to share what I made in case any of … Continue reading

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The Making of Truck Trials–Multiplayer Racing

Project Truck Trials started back in June 2014, after Starcomet 2 was released. And as usual, with every game release I do comes a making of guide, just to share the process and what I did to end up with … Continue reading

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Truck Trials Update: Daily Challenges, Top 50 Players, 1st Person View, Badges, Trick Boost, Stats and much more!

The latest version of Truck Trials has been published on both Windows Phone Store and Windows Store, with a lot of new neat updates for you to enjoy! This update brings a lot of news, features and functions. So, what’s … Continue reading

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